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Hamish and Andy

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Australian radio hosts, whose daily live radio broadcast is burnt onto a CD and couriered to an IT prodigy who can convert what is on the CD into a digital audio file. He puts the audio file onto a USB and the USB is shipped back to the radio station, where the file is transferred to a computer desktop, renamed, and then uploaded as a podcast.


Wed 3rd May 2017

May 3rd, 2017

Episode 453 of 497 episodes

1 - Andy's family have a special way of treating the sniffles 2 - Calls - Does medicinal alcohol work? 3 - Crowd Surf Show – Discussing the many aspects to tomorrows show 4 - Calls - What have we over-looked? 5 - Edible Hinge Update - Hamish has outsourced some major aspects 6 - Edible Hinge argument continues! 7 - Hamish’s song about how he can do whatever he likes, as long as he runs it past his wifefirst 8 - Crowd Surf Show - Gee ups for Andy from people coming along 9 - Hamish wants to know the rules of keeping kids "art" 10 - Calls - Rules for keeping your kids "art" 11 - Andy has finally been nominated to go on the Celebrity Wall at his high school 12 - Fake tongue to lick your pet cat

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