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Health Check grapples with health issues on a global scale, investigates discoveries and solutions in healthcare, and looks at how to deliver a healthier world. Presented by Claudia Hammond.


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Tasers’ Effect on the Mind

October 26th, 2016

Tasers are used by police to immobilise people by in violent or potentially violent situations. They inflict physical agony, but what about their effect on the mind? A remarkable number of students volunteered to be tasered in the name of research –significantly reducing their cognitive skills for an hour afterwards. Gaëtan Dugas is known as...

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Abortion laws in Ireland and Northern Ireland are among the world’s most restrictive – for some women the only option is costly travel to English clinics. But an increasing number are opting to buy abortion pills online – an experience they find positive and empowering, according to researcher Dr Abigail Aiken. The genomes - or genetic maps - of...

Despite progress in reaching global health targets a number of neglected tropical diseases are now spreading in richer countries – causing disability and hardship. One American expert says that eradicating them could help to stimulate economic prosperity as well as end suffering. The inability to recognise voices – even those of family members...

Skin lightening is a global industry, with people buying creams, cement and even battery acid to put on their black skin to lighten it. A new trend has emerged from the Philippines – intravenous infusions of an untested chemical called glutathione. Concerns have been raised in the British Medical Journal by consultant dermatologist Ophelia...