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Doctors Travelling to Join Extremist Cause in Syria and Iraq

July 15th, 2015

Episode 42 of 158 episodes

Security journalist Duncan Gardam talks to Claudia about what’s known about the recruitment of doctors from around the world by the extremist group ‘Islamic State’ in the areas of Syria and Iraq which it currently controls. Dr Graham Easton discusses latest research claiming a link between smoking and the development of schizophrenia. A new corrective treatment for the congenital disability clubfoot is being trialled at the Wadia Children’s Hospital in Mumbai, India. Suranjana Tewari reports. Graham Easton tells Claudia about an experimental treatment to speed the healing of chronic wounds such as ulcers. In mice, such wounds heal much faster after applying ultrasound to them. But will it work in human patients? Is Gluten, the molecular ingredient of wheat, barley and rye products, just the latest food fad or does cutting it out make good health sense? For people diagnosed with the bowel condition Coeliac disease, they should certainly avoid eating gluten. But what of the people who experience bowel symptoms but do not have coeliac, and what of the many people who think avoiding gluten is just generally healthy? Family doctor Graham Easton and gastroenterologist professor David Sanders of the UK’s Sheffield University clarify and caution. (Picture: Explosion in Syria. Credit: Getty Images)

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