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Food on the Go Bad for Your Health?

September 2nd, 2015

Episode 49 of 158 episodes

If you are in the habit of eating your breakfast or lunch on the go, you might be ruining your chances of losing weight. Research at the University of Surrey in the UK suggests people who eat while they are walking are more likely eat more later in the day. But how big a contribution to obesity risk is this? On average people in the Netherlands spend 74 minutes on their bicycles every week. According to research at the University of Utrecht, this adds an average of six months to the life expectancy of the average Dutch bike user. Ann Holligan reports from Holland and Dr Graham Easton adds a global perspective on the health benefits and risks of cycling. Listener John Muthamia tells Claudia Hammond about his brush with death from carbon monoxide poisoning. The celebrated neurologist and author Oliver Sacks has died aged 82. Health Check visits the BBC archive with an interview that professor Sacks recorded in 1994. He talks about the patients in a coma-like state who he treated with L-dopa in the late 1960s. They ‘awoke’ after more than 40 years and were the subject of his first book Awakenings and the film in which Oliver Sacks was played by Robin Williams. (Picture: Claudia Hammond)

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