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Most people don’t get the cancer surgery they need

September 30th, 2015

Episode 54 of 158 episodes

A new global report on the state of cancer surgery has produced sobering findings. Worldwide more than 75% of people needing an operation for cancer do not have access to safe and affordable surgery. In some low income countries, as many as 95% of people with cancer do not receive basic surgery. Professor Richard Sullivan of the Institute of Cancer Policy, Kings College London and Professor Groesbeck Parham of University of Zambia are authors on the Lancet Oncology Commission. Cuba is becoming a popular destination for international health tourists. Will Grant reports from one of the country’s hotel-hospitals. Sarah Boseley, Health Editor of the Guardian, talks about an experimental stem cell therapy for macular degeneration, beginning in London. Do low levels of vitamin D in older people cause their mental faculties to decline faster and put them at increased risk of Alzheimers disease? The latest research on this question was led by Joshua Miller, Professor of Nutritional Science at Rutgers University in the United States. (Photo: Breast cancer operation. Credit: BBC)

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