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Poverty Fuels Disease in Rich Countries

October 12th, 2016

Episode 117 of 158 episodes

Despite progress in reaching global health targets a number of neglected tropical diseases are now spreading in richer countries – causing disability and hardship. One American expert says that eradicating them could help to stimulate economic prosperity as well as end suffering. The inability to recognise voices – even those of family members or well-known celebrities – is known as phonagnosia. A psychologist in California has been examining the condition using a test with celebrity voices. One woman who volunteered to take part can’t even recognise her own mother’s voice on the phone. Persuading children to take their medicine can be tricky. And if they have a serious illness like tuberculosis, treatment involves several months of daily antibiotics. A million children have TB every year and Julia Steers reports from Kenya, where TB treatments are now easier to swallow. (Photo caption: A new book by a global health expert casts light on diseases around the world. NASA)

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