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Treating Gunshot Victims

July 27th, 2016

Episode 102 of 158 episodes

In the city of Philadelphia in the United States, last year there were 236 homicides and 1200 shootings. Trauma doctors want to know they are doing their best for the victims so they are about to conduct a citywide experiment to test a rather counterintuitive theory: as gunshot or stabbing victims are being rushed to hospital by ambulance, could paramedics do more to save them by doing less? Dr Zoe Maher, a trauma surgeon at Temple hospital in Philadelphia and one of the investigators in the new trial, tells Graham Easton why experts think the advanced life support might not always be best for the patient. Many people with HIV still have to suffer stigma and discrimination - sometimes from the very people who should be caring for them. In Taiwan for example, some medical professionals are still reluctant to treat patients with HIV - despite the very low risk. Cindy Sui reports from Taipei. Elite athletes are particularly vulnerable to common infections during intensive training and competitions - and any illness means time off training and, potentially, the difference between winning and losing an Olympic medal. Dr Anita Biswas, senior sports physician at the English Institute of Sport, explains how she helps athletes avoid infections. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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