Hidden Forest Podcast

Hidden Forest


Did you parents ever tell you NOT to walk into the Forest because it's scary and you don't know what is in there? Well, soon you will all know what lies deep within the Hidden Forest. Which creatures will come out to play? What will you find on your venture into the Forest? Who will you meet? What will you hear? Many questions can be asked, however the adventure into the Forest is only one that YOU can make.


This is Jack Second Podcast for our Hidden Forest series, Enjoy this Mix :D Give him a like: Facebook: www.facebook.com/jackcollettadj Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/jack-colletta

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The man himself took the time out to put together a podcast for the Forest. There is so much we can say about this talented man, but we will let his podcast do all the talking. Make sure you also follow CHOOBZ on; Facebook: www.facebook.com/Choobz

Please meet, Sex God PGRAM aka Mat Pgram. Started in hard style scene for 4 years and moved over to the underground scene the last 2 years , playing all over Victoria, Tasmania and even Bali. Starting of the podcast with some new and old psy trance then taking you through 128bpm to 150pm featuring edits, originals and bootlegs by none other then...

We welcome you to one of the new boys to the Forest Rob Velj. This promising young man already holding residents at various venues including Forest, only expect big things to come. Enjoy this Minimal Mix :D Give him a like: Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/robvelj Facebook: www.facebook.com/robvelj1