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Did you parents ever tell you NOT to walk into the Forest because it's scary and you don't know what is in there? Well, soon you will all know what lies deep within the Hidden Forest. Which creatures will come out to play? What will you find on your venture into the Forest? Who will you meet? What will you hear? Many questions can be asked, however the adventure into the Forest is only one that YOU can make.


Hidden Forest Podcast Episode 16 - Nick Kennedy & Luke Montgomery

May 6th, 2013

Episode 16 of 51 episodes

When you think of Nick Kennedy & Luke Montgomery, you automatically think red wine and golf. But when nick isn’t in rehab for alcohol abuse and Luke isn’t on tour with a rolling stones cover band, they sometimes come together to provide a public service in playing dance tracks to Melbourne club goers. Well! As it so happens, we managed to get our hands on this tasty number from the boys! Enjoy! Nick Kennedy https://www.facebook.com/nickkennedymusic?fref=ts Luke Montgomery https://www.facebook.com/luke.montgomerydj?fref=ts

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