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There’s an old marketing saying that goes something like this: Promise them what they want, but give them what they need. It’s like how people come into the I love real estate community wanting one thing, but get way more than they had ever thought. They come for the education but find friends, joint venture […]

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Today’s podcast guests lost everything in an earthquake. When they migrated to Australia they turned up with no money, no job, no property… All they had was a place to stay for a month. Just 18 months later and they’ve already done 4 deals and generated $680,000 in equity. They don’t have executive jobs, and […]

Can you imagine how hard life would be when you earn $75 a year but over $34,000 of that income was sucked up by negatively geared properties. It’s pretty hard to raise a family of a wife and 3 kids at the best of times but on what’s left after that outlay, tax, bills… That’s […]

Imagine being $200k negative equity and Negative cashflow to the tune of $1200 a week. Can you imagine the stress of that kind of financial burden weighing on you day in day out… It’s got to be crippling right? Combine that with the town home prices going backward 30% in a matter of a couple […]