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Imagine you’re just starting out. No Money, …or a crappy job, …or your self employed without enough history to get a loan… What do you do? In this podcast you’ll discover: 2 ways to get into a ‘no money down’ deal and what you need to know and have in place to get this deal […]

8 years ago a young couple came to one of my boot camps. Today they are full-time developers. They have multiple projects on the go at any point in time and are always looking at potential new developments. But it’s not all work. They always make sure to have time for other important things liketheir […]

Australia has been one of the most… if not THE most, unaffordable country in the english speaking world, when it comes to housing. In the 60’s the average space we had in our homes was the equivalent of 20sqm per person in the house. Now it’s 100sqm per person! Problem with big houses? —>more to […]

At some point, one way or another, chances are that you will need to sell a property or three. Too many people get this wrong. There’s an art to selling a property (and getting the right price for it). Most people just pick 3 agents. And choose the best price (according to the agents) again… […]