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When I started my property career I was a single mum. I wanted to be there for my kids as that was the most important thing for me. If you are a stay at home mum and you want to be there for your kids, but you also want to earn good money, there are […]

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What if I told you that there was something happening in your life, …probably every day… That for the most part you are unaware of, and not in control of… Yet, if you saw it for what it was, you could start making extra money on every single deal you do. If I told […]

URGENT: Expect a MASSIVE tax bill unless you make these changes right now. This is a really important podcast if you are an active property investor. Changes in state tax laws mean that you could be in the firing line. Because of the recent trend of foreign investors buying property in Australia in the last […]

I’m sitting at my desk preparing for the I Love Real Estate super-conference. It’s the ILRE community’s party of the year. This is when successful students can share the deals they’ve done, how long it took, what obstacles they encountered, how they overcome them and of course, how much money they made. It’s an amazing […]