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You probably know that before I dedicated myself to property – in my former life – I was an accountant. So I have a built in automatic reaction now to sit up and take notice when it’s coming up to tax time. First of all, let me say that most people (including accountants) think in […]

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At some point in your property investing career, you are going to find many deals that are just out of your league. You’ll be able to see how it’s a good deal. You’ll be able to see the potential profit… …but it will just be too big for you based on where you are in […]

We’re under attack – your investing is under fire. APRA was set up to save us from the banking industry but sadly they have inadvertently done the opposite. I’m really annoyed by what is going on. But – it also means there are changes YOU need to know about and implement to keep your portfolio […]

One of the things that I discuss in my one-day events is tax – I was an accountant one upon a time after all. Because of that, I get this one question all the time: How can I claim the cost of the course when I do my tax? Well, first up – it is […]