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With Ron Richards out this week and possibly in need of a good lawyer, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick must deal with DC kicking them in the balls with all its extra pages… and somebody being hung over. Running Time: 01:14:45 Pick of the Week: 00:01:52 – The Mighty Thor #20 Comics: 00:10:21 - Batman #25 00:16:10 - Daredevil #22 00:18:55 –...

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This week Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick talk about the week that was in comic books while facing their greatest enemy. Not the absence of Josh Flanagan. Not failing old man memories. And not creeping summer heat. No this week their great enemy was a dodgy internet connection and thus, less than optimal sound quality. We apologize. Running...

Sometimes it's so hard to say goodbye. First, we said goodbye to our beloved vacuum cleaner and now we say goodbye to our comic book of 2016 and 2017, The Flintstones. The tremendous accomplishment of The Flintstones, that punches you in the beef, and is celebrated despite lack of sleep and extreme heat. Just another week here at iFanboy....

It's a fifth week, but there's plenty to talk about in comics. There is both accord and great rift on the comics of the week, but we come out it of still speaking with one another, but Josh might be close to walking. Or Conor. Could go either way. There's Funko, and lots of series are ending, but Secret Empire continues, regardless of what you...