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The gang is back together and there are a great many things to laugh about, and even some actual comic talk. There’s a startling revelation about an art switch, there are salacious allegations of plagiarism, and deep, existential truths are revealed and wisdom gained. There are even gopher based super powers. It’s a whole thing. Plus hobos!...

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Is the third time the charm for everyone’s favorite wall-crawling webslinger? That’s what Sony hopes as they finally gave in and allowed Marvel Studios to bring Spider-Man home to the Marvel (Cinematic) Universe in the aptly named Spider-Man: Homecoming! Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick investigate. Running Time: 00:45:23 Music: “Theme (from “...

Thanks to iFanboy patrons, it’s Talksplode time. Joshua Williamson is probably best know for his work on DC Comics’ The Flash from Rebirth onward, as well as the crossover with Batman on The Button, which we can’t talk about, and Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad. He’s also done a great deal of creator owned series, including the current ongoing,...

Now that Conor Kilpatrick knows Spanish, he’s settling into his life on the other side of the border. Luckily, Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards pick up the slack and not only discuss the week in comics, but the merits of styrofoam. Modern marvels! Running Time: 01:06:27 Pick of the Week: 00:01:40 – Eleanor and the Egret #3 Comics: 00:10:21 –...