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Some Chaykin talk, some gentle ribbing, Mark Wahlberg, and plenty of dislikes to go around, but some actual thoughtful talk about comics, somewhere in the middle. Ron, Conor, and Josh are back in the seats, and we’re almost on point this week. Running Time: 01:04:28 Comics: 00:01:31 – The Flintstones #8 00:12:12 – Deadly Class #26 00:15:20 –...

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Who would have thought we'd ever see a sitcom based in the DC Comics Universe? Well, here we are. Possibly the apex of the superhero media frenzy, or just another chapter. Either way, Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards try and make sense of this madness. Running Time: 00:16:34 Music: "Bleeding Powers" Ted Leo and The Pharmacists

We’re a man down! Conor and Ron press on despite Josh’s mysterious absence. In this dire time, we marvel at stunning art and a powerful story in the pick of the week, along with really, really good comics and some good old fashioned Bane humor. For You! Running Time: 01:04:29 Comics: 00:01:35 – Deathstroke #11 00:11:23 – Six Pack and Dog Welder:...

It’s time to go to a place where things are simper, quieter. Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards take a trip to Riverdale, home of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and the gang where there’s also murder, lesbian kisses, and Luke Perry. The CW’s latest comic book themed show makes a big impression with it’s first episode and we analyze it and argue...