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iFanboy.com Pick of the Week #234 - New Avengers Finale #1

May 16th, 2010

Episode 313 of 835 episodes

May 16 2010 - It's one for the ages here folks, as Conor is still on vacation and Tom Katers joins Ron and Josh to tackle the tremendously large stack of comics for the past week, including the end to The Sentry saga which also may be the worst comic book printed, ever. We're not kidding here folks, this is one to remember. Comics: 00:02:03 - Josh shares with us why New Avengers Finale #1 gave him a happy end to the past 5 years of Avengers comics. 00:13:43 - Siege comes to an end this week and everyone enjoyed Siege #4 despite some nitpicks 00:17:00 - Josh enjoyed the story of Dark Avengers #16, not so much the art 00:19:01 - Siege: Embedded #4 finished strong, almost stronger than Siege #4 for Tom 00:21:30 - There are no words to describe Stentry: Fallen Sun 00:31:59 - Over at DC, the big Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne story kicked off with issue #1 with some great art 00:34:32 - Ron was surprised at how good Hulk #22 was 00:37:05 - Tom is sickened by the death in Titans Villains for Hire Special #1 00:40:19 - BPRD: King of Fear #5 delivered good comics for Tom 00:41:28 - Flash #2 keeps the positive vibes of the Flash going for Ron and Tom 00:42:38 - The Luna Brothers finished their latest epic with The Sword #24 and Ron's glad its over 00:43:10 - It's another insane death in X-Men Forever #23 00:44:12 - Josh really enjoyed the end of the Marvels Project #8... 00:45:06 - ...but he didn't enjoy Transformers: Ironhide #1 so much 00:46:15 - And finally, we gave Birds of Prey #1 a shot, and it wasn't awful User Reviews: 00:48:45 - akamuu enjoyed Sentry: Fallen Sun which leads us to wonder what comic he actually read 00:50:10 - ctrosejr had a more realistic opinion of Sentry: Fallen Sun E-Mail: 00:52:46 - Steve has some questions about filling the gaps in our collections Sponsors: This episode of iFanboy is brought to you by: Audible - get all your audiobooks at Audible - sign up for a free trial at audiblepodcast.com/ifanboy Instock Trades and Summit City Comic Con - Get great prices on all sorts of trades, hardcovers and collections! Music: Northwest Apartment Band of Horses

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