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iFanboy.com Pick of the Week #235 - DC Universe: Legacies #1

May 23rd, 2010

Episode 314 of 835 episodes

May 23 2010 - It's an iFanboy miracle as Conor has returned from his travels! And we welcome him with a mirthful, chaotic episode of the Pick of the Week podcast filled with mispronunciations, disagreements, and some down right creepy talk. This is what iFanboy is all about! So sit back, grab a drink and be prepared for at least 2 spit takes. Comics: 00:02:16 - Conor visits his wheelhouse with DC Universe: Legacies #1 as the pick of the week 00:09:19 - Avengers #1 was the runner up, but easily Ron's pick of the week 00:17:20 - The Heroic Age continues with Atlas #1, which couldn't pull Ron or Josh in 00:19:19 - The sampler issue of Enter the Heroic Age #1 was enjoyable and nice taste of what's to come 00:22:27 - Josh's pick of the week was easily American Vampire #3 00:26:45 - We thought we all dropped it, but Josh is still reading Invincible Iron Man #26 00:30:13 - Conor and Ron really enjoyed Paul Dini's work on Zatanna #1 00:31:56 - Josh and Conor celebrate the end of another series with Battlefields: Firefly #3 00:33:23 - Is it over yet? Ex Machina #49, while not as bad as the last issue, is nothing compared to the earlier issues 00:35:36 - Ron and Conor agree, Joe the Barbarian #5 is the best issue yet User Reviews: 00:36:51 - NOK really dug Paul Levitz's first issue of Legion of Super-Heroes #1 00:39:26 - akamuu checks in with some glowing words for the art in Batman: Streets of Gotham #12 Book of the Month: 00:42:35 - Josh reviews the Joe Kubert graphic novel, Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965 E-Mail: 00:50:12 - Nicholas S. from New Jersey wants to know what we think about Captain America and Steve Rogers currently Voicemail: 00:53:29 - Luke from Denver wants to know what canceled titles that we miss? 00:56:40 - Sam from Wisconsin makes it creepy by wanting to know what characters we'd like to date? Sponsors: This episode of iFanboy is brought to you by: Discount Comic Book Service - Order your comics online with savings up to 75% off! dcbservice.com Triptych Books - Help Triptych publish their first series, Trigger Men by supporting them through their Kickstarter project. All the info at www.triptychbooks.com Music: Rill Rill Sleigh Bells

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