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iFanboy.com Pick of the Week #400 - Wonder Woman #23

August 25th, 2013

Episode 565 of 835 episodes

Total Running Time: 02:47:50 iFanboy celebrates its 400th episode with an extra-sized all listener e-mail spectacular! We asked you, the iFanbase, to send us e-mails on any topic you wanted and boy did you deliver! Not only was it Paul Montgomery's first show whose recording was streamed live on the internet, but Josh Flanagan broadcast from his survivalist bunker, and Conor Kilpatrick drank giant beers. Pick of the Week: 00:01:41 – Wonder Woman #23 E-Mail: 00:13:52 – Introduction to the e-mails. 00:14:48 – Dan misses quality mid-tier superhero comic books. 00:19:11 – Randy thinks one publisher is winning digital comics and one is losing. 00:23:53 – Jim wants to know Paul's iFanboy origin story. 00:27:05 – Edward (Heroville) thinks Batman has become as boring as people think Superman is. 00:33:20 – Peter from Media, PA got a book signed and wonders if he made the wrong choice. 00:35:50 – Drew asks about Geoff Johns' run on Avengers, what the iFanboy first thoughts of each other, and Ron's sideburns. 00:43:16 – Nathan from Albuquerque, NM asks who would replace each iFanboy if they ever left the show. 00:46:11 – Adrian from Australia wants to know about favorite foods and drinks while reading comics. 00:48:14 – Randy from Sioux Falls, SD asks about more series like Before Watchmen, comics artists drawing Blu-rays covers, comics based on TV series, and what the iFanboy have been enjoying outside of comics. 00:57:27 – Scott is annoyed when mini-series get extended by one issue. 00:59:44 – Joe (tagalog3p) wants to know how comics with public domain protagonists works. 01:03:05 – Jon (jonnyflash) from Albuquerque, NM asks which 90s gimmicks the iFanboys secretly miss. 01:04:49 – Pete has been reading comics to his 10 week old daughter and wants to know what he should read to her as she gets older. 01:07:35 – Marco from Toronto, Canada asks how the iFanboys approach the challenge of growing as a reader. 01:11:30 – John from Woburn, MA wants to know if the iFanboy still get excited for Wednesdays. 01:14:18 – Johnny is currently in college and wants to know about college pull lists. 01:16:09 – Eric (BigE) wants to know if Clark Kents' journalistic training was ever shown in comics. 01:17:34 – Ken from Madison Heights, MI asks if The Avengers was a band, who would play which instruments? 01:20:45 – Matthew (pymslap) is worried about the future of The Daily Bugle. 01:21:45 – Morgan from Birmingham, AL is curious about the use of "Back and to the Left". 01:22:39 – Brian thinks that comics in the '90s got a bad rap and wants to know the iFanboys favorite thing about the '90s. 01:25:04 – Adam from Washington, England is finally getting into buying original art. 01:29:45 – Alisdair from Scotland asks how close the iFanboys have come to dropping their favorite books. 01:30:49 – Erik (and Drew) asks about the end of Batman: The Killing Joke and the recent controversy. 01:35:20 – Jackie from Queens, NY wants to know the Top 5 Marvel NOW! books, wants Conor and Josh's thoughts on The Wolverine, and asks about what Paul has learned since joining the show full-time. 01:40:15 – Mikey from NY asks about superhero movies and wonders where the girls are. 01:44:20 – Marcus R. from San Antonio, TX wants to know if the iFanboy Animated Brain Trust ever goes back to re-watch films and if their opinions have changed. 01:47:05 – Jeff wants to know if the iFanboys could go back to the start of the website and the podcast would they have done anything differently? Also, what's going to happen with Miles Morales? 01:51:41 – Zach wants to know if people actually miss Peter Parker. 01:53:46 – Socrates asks: do characters sell comics or does violence sell comics? 01:57:01 – Gene from Chicago, IL wants to know what from the pre-Flashpoint DCU should be brought into The New 52. 02:00:00 – Tom wants to compare comic book creators to West Wing actors. 02:01:26 – Sam from Baltimore, MD asks about favorite Jack Kirby works and about artists who ape Kirby's style. 02:05:31 – Marcus (marcushill73) from Silver Spring, MD wants to know if the comics audience is getting the marketplace it deserves. 02:10:16 – Matthew (imakereality) from Honolulu, HI wants to know what the next evolution of podcasting will be. 02:13:35 – Ricardo has a lot to say about the death of Damian Wayne. 02:18:38 – Merv from FL has a question about the occasional outtakes at the end of the show. 02:19:41 – Edward wants to know how old the iFanboys will be when they stop reading comics. 02:22:59 – Illan thinks that the output from Marvel and DC Comics has grown stale. 02:27:42 – Stewart from Chelmsford, England asks about comic book pet peeves. 02:31:37 – Mike (Crippler) wants to know what the iFanboy don't do anymore on the show that they miss. 02:35:06 – Sean from Long Island, NY asks how comics have changed over the past 400 episodes. 02:38:51 – Dave from Buffalo, NY wants comic book recommendations for the characters on The West Wing, thoughts on the Dick Tracy movie, and his dad wants to know if Raquel Welch has ever appeared in any comic books. 02:42:53 – Edward from NE wants some speculation on the future of comic books. 02:43:23 – Dr. Cesar from the Phillipines asks, when the Pick of the Week Podcast hits episode 500, will digital or paper be the norm in comic book reading? Music: "Back and To The Left" Texas is the Reason

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