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iFanboy.com Special Edition Podcast - Dredd 3-D

September 23rd, 2012

Episode 502 of 835 episodes

September 23, 2012 - Citizens: The Mega Block community designated "Peach Trees" is under siege. Drug boss Madelaine "Ma-Ma" Madrigal has staged a coup, locking down the entire 200-story complex. She has promised to raise the blast doors only after investigating Judges Dredd and Anderson are summarily executed. Join the extraction team of Judge Ron Richards, Judge Conor Kilpatrick, and hot-shot provisional Judge Paul "Red Beard" Montgomery as they brave a hail of 3D gunfire and experiment with the mind-altering street drug known as "Slo-Mo." All rise for the final judgement of the year's last feature-length comic book adaptation, Dredd 3D!

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