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iFanboy Pick of the Week #402 - Batman: Black and White #1

September 8th, 2013

Episode 567 of 835 episodes

A new era unfolds, but much remains the same. Though Josh sounds suspiciously like Ryan Haupt this week, Conor Kilpatrick and Paul Montgomery soldier on with a discussion of the first issue of the returning Batman: Black and White anthology series, a host of villainous tie-ins, and some large scale happenings through time and space. Total Running Time: 01:13:53 Comics: 00:01:50 - Batman: Black and White #1 00:12:19 - Forever Evil #1 and tie-in issues 00:22:48 - Infinity #2 00:27:40 - Battle of the Atom #1 / All-New X-Men #16 00:35:40 - Trillium #2 00:38:28 - Superior Spider-Man #17 00:40:58 - Satellite Sam #3 00:44:37 - Iron Man #15 Audience Questions: 00:46:55 - DC comics fan Kevin wants to know where to start with Marvel. 00:54:01 - Patrick from North Carolina wants to know which character is the heroic model for DC's New 52. 00:58:19 - Alex from California is curious about comics as assigned reading in high schools and colleges. 01:05:50 - Jeff from Washington calls in about the end of an era. Sponsors: Amazon - Get all your comics, DVDs, video games, electronics and more and help iFanboy out in the process! Music: "Still Here" The Williams Brothers

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