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iFanboy Pick of the Week #403 - Deadpool #16

September 15th, 2013

Episode 568 of 828 episodes

Josh returns, and we stumble slightly less through this new era. Paul doesn't want to sound like he does, and let's talk about greater NYC area carpet commercials. Also, there are a lot of comics that need to get covered, and by gum, we cover them. Hey Lord Vader, can you take a picture for us? Total Running Time: 01:04:39 Comics: 00:01:40 - Deadpool #1 00:11:20 - Astro City #4 00:17:22 - Captain America #11 00:21:51 - Star Wars #9 00:26:01 - Smallville: Season 11 00:32:21 - Locke and Key: Alpha #1 00:34:07 - Ghosted #3 00:35:06 - X-Men #5 00:36:59 - Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #30 00:38:38 - Justice League #23.2 00:43:22 - Walking Dead #114 Audience Questions: 00:46:28 - Joel from Washington likes Aquaman, so who is this Jeff Parker guy? 00:50:06 - Shane wants to talk about all the time disturbances going on in the Marvel Universe. 00:53:26 - Marshall from Ontario asks why heroes switch around books, but villains usually don't. Sponsors: Amazon - Get all your comics, DVDs, video games, electronics and more and help iFanboy out in the process! Music: "Anywhere but Here" Rise Against

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