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iFanboy Pick of the Week #511 - Airboy #4

November 15th, 2015

Episode 707 of 835 episodes

In an unprecedented event, Conor Kilpatrick gives the pick to the 4th and final issue of Airboy, making it the first series to get the pick of the week for every issue of the series (we're pretty sure at least...). Well deserved and Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards echo the sentiment. Viva Airboy! Also, Ron not really on his best game this week, but Josh is really into the Revolutionary War. Whaddya gonna do? Running Time: 01:00:52 Comics: 00:02:30 - Airboy #4 00:15:01 - The Goddamned #1 00:20:46 - All-New, All-Different Avengers #1 00:24:19 - All-New Hawkeye #1 00:28:52 - The Ultimates #1 00:31:00 - Thors #4 00:35:03 - Superman: American Alien #1 00:36:47 - The Twilight Children #2 00:38:06 - Batman and Robin Eternal #6 00:39:01 - All-New Wolverine #1 War Corner: 00:40:36 - War Stories #14 00:42:42 - Rebels #8 Star Wars Corner: 00:46:22 - Darth Vader #12 00:47:09 - Return of the Jedi HC Audience Questions: 00:49:14 - Aaron writes in to ask about the Star Wars Prequels for some bizarre reason. 00:53:56 - Corin from Birmingham, UK had a dream about iFanboy and the fate of his relationship which leads to a personal question. Brought To You By: Amazon - Get all your comics, DVDs, video games, electronics and more and help iFanboy out in the process! iFanboy Members - Become one today for $3/month or $30/year! Or make a one time donation of any amount! Music: "Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault" Jawbreaker

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