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Pick of the Week Podcast – Episode #543 – The Sheriff of Babylon #8

July 10th, 2016

Episode 753 of 835 episodes

All by his lonesome for only the second time in iFanboy history, Josh Flanagan fills airtime. And it makes him thirsty. He also recorded into his laptop mic instead of the much nicer sounding mic he was physically speaking into the entire time. And yet, you will be entertained, dare we say charmed? There’s some aimfulness to this rambling, and a more distilled version of the comic book talking you have come to expect. Mostly. Running Time: 01:00:15 Comics: 00:02:33 – The Sheriff of Babylon #8 00:09:47 – Superman #2 00:13:26 – Aquaman #2 00:16:19 – Unfollow #9 00:18:02 – Empress #4 00:20:20 – Invincible Iron Man #4 00:33:02 – Civil War II Kingpin #1 00:27:58 – Captain America: Sam Wilson #11 00:28:36 – Walking Dead #156 00:31:00 – Batman #2 00:33:17 – Midnight of the Soul #2 Star Wars Corner: 00:34:58 – Poe Damaron #5 Audience Question: 00:35:57 – Matt wants to know if comics or superheroes are popular right now. 00:39:16 – Lukas is worried about a horrifying metamorphosis taking place. 00:44:22 – Josh takes to Twitter for rapid fire questions. Ratings: 00:59:03 – Justice League: Rebirth #1 Brought To You By: Amazon – Get all your comics, DVDs, video games, electronics and more and help iFanboy out in the process! iFanboy Members – Become one today for $3/month or $30/year! Or make a one time donation of any amount! Music: “Why Can’t a Man Stand Alone” Elvis Costello

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