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Pick of the Week Podcast – Episode #550 – Star Wars #22

August 28th, 2016

Episode 764 of 835 episodes

iFanboy celebrates its 550th episode with an extra-sized all listener e-mail spectacular! Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick asked you, the iFanbase, to send them e-mails… and you delivered! Running Time: 02:05:00 Comics: 00:03:22 – Star Wars #22 00:13:28 – Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1 Patrons’ Pick: 00:21:35 – Kingsway West #1 Audience Questions: 00:32:31 – Nick P. from Luxembourg via Newport Beach, CA is a new weekly comic book reader and is not happy about the way digital comics are priced. 00:37:15 – Eric F. wants to hear the iFanboys’ thoughts on some of the biggest names in indie comics. 00:39:50 – Wes A. from Newport, MN doesn’t understand the popularity of Boba Fett. 00:43:03 – Syed A. from Centreville, VA wants to know how Warner Bros can right the DC movie ship. 00:48:28 – Josh from Boys Ranch, TX is concerned about an impending Star Wars backlash. 00:51:48 – Robert H. from Kentucky wants to know if Kingdom Come will ever get the animated treatment. 00:52:55 – Stewart S. from Chelmsford, England wants to know what the change from 20 pages from 22 pages did to the single issue comic. 00:56:07 – Jason B. is astonished that DC beat Marvel in marketshare in July 2016. 00:59:16 – Brad L. from Slidell, LA asks about rebar and G.I. Joe. 01:05:06 – Chad from Reseda, CA is sick of the ads in DC books. 01:07:17 – Tom C. from Solihull, England has some deep thoughts on the logistics of supervillain meetings. 01:10:57 – Gabe A. has a movie question for Conor and a time travel proposal for Josh. 01:12:16 – Robert from New Orleans, LA wants to know if the iFanboys still collect original art. 01:16:53 – Tyson from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada wants to know if there are any classic runs that the iFanboys want to read (or reread). 01:20:17 – Scarlett from Hells Kitchen, NY is worried about Tim Drake. 01:26:57 – Adam from Florida has a real problem with Angel from the X-Men. 01:29:57 – Jimmy from New Jersey just bought his first page of original art and has questions. 01:32:03 – David L. is unhappy with the current state of comic book reviews. 01:38:38 – Jared from Muncie, IN is looking for academic comic book archives. 01:41:30 – Craig from Houston, TX misses all the old iFanboy content and wants to know if it will ever come back. 01:43:14 – Saad C. from Huntington Station, NY wants to know which stories would make great VR experiences. 01:45:28 – Damian from Pittsfield, MA is curious is today’s popular superheroes will exist in hundreds of years. 01:48:38 – Wakonda R. wants to know if we are currently experiencing a comic book renaissance. Patron Spotlight: 01:53:21 – Paul Austin 01:56:18 – Bjorn Campbell 01:58:06 – Nicholas Kelly 01:58:51 – Pablo Duran Music: “Back and To The Left” Texas is the Reason

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