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Talksplode #39 with Cullen Bunn, writer of Sixth Gun, Fear Itself: The Deep, and The Tooth

May 12th, 2011

Episode 390 of 835 episodes

May 12,2011 - Fans of writer Cullen Bunn have a lot to look forward to this summer. On the heels of its first anniversary, his occult western The Sixth Gun enters its third ongoing arc, and the second paperback volume is due out in just a few weeks. Later this month we'll see his other Oni project The Tooth, a monster-stomping, anthropomorphic fang OGN drawn by Matt Kindt. Fans of DC's magic characters like Klarion the Witch Boy and the cast of Shadowpact will want to pick up Sorcerer Kings, his four-issue arc on Superman/Batman. Then in June and July, Bunn is hip-deep in Marvel's Fear Itself, with one-shots for Black Widow and the FF, and a four-part Defenders series called Fear Itself: The Deep. Paul talks to Bunn about all of these titles as well as the task of juggling creator-owned and licensed projects, capturing the distinct voices of Natasha Romanoff and the Silver Surfer, Bunn's recent transition to writing full time, and one creepy-ass goat.

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