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Talksplode #66 - Mark Millar

September 4th, 2015

Episode 695 of 835 episodes

You know who Mark Millar is. He’s the creative superpower behind so many comics and by extension films made from those comics. Josh Flanagan had a great conversation with the writer behind The Ultimates, Old Man Logan, Wanted, Kick-Ass, Starlight, MPH, Jupiters Circle, Chrononauts, the upcoming Huck, and so many more, you might as well just go to Wikipedia. We talk to Mark about his work, his career from the very beginning, and what it’s like to be Mark Millar right now. It turns out, it’s pretty good. We chat about the idea that some accused Millar of only making comics to be made into movies, and where he stands on digital comics today. Settle in and enjoy the brogue. You can go to Millarworld to see everything Mark has going on, and follow him on twitter, @mrmarkmillar. Total Running Time: 00:56:48 Music: “Banana Splits” The Dickies

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