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The Aussie IGN team break down the biggest gaming news over a few cracked tinnies. Everybody wins.


Horizon: Zero Dawn's senior producer, Joel Eschler, joins Tristan and Luke to talk robot dinosaur design, pushing the PS4 to its limit, and... The Golden Girls!?

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Our first episode for 2017! (Finally!) We talk Resident Evil 7, Switch, Ni No Kuni 2, Tekken 7, Logan, Alien: Covenant, Hip-Hop Evolution, Dragon Quest VIII and more!

Tristan, Lucy, Luke and Cam talk Rogue One, The Last Guardian, Resident Evil 7, La La Land, and more. Plus - quasi-humorous awards!

Tristan, Lucy, Luke and Halfway Camcatch up onthe 2016 games they missed. INSIDE, Firewatch, Hitman, Virginia and more!