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The Aussie IGN team break down the biggest gaming news over a few cracked tinnies. Everybody wins.


IGN AU Pubcast 65: Shipping Up to Boston

March 11th, 2013

Episode 56 of 171 episodes

In this episode the IGN AU Pubcast team visit the dilapidated ruins of Boston in The Last of Us and discover it's wet and full of mushroom zombies. Boston has really let itself go, to be honest. Cracked, broken, and we can only imagine the stench. In Episode 65: Can you get oil from a kitten? How much would that upset PETA?Find out here! We head to Boston inThe Last of Usand discover that Baker's Boston accent sounds mostly like a wiseguy version of John Travolta We discuss the differences between1996's Tomb Raider and 2013's Tomb Raider. Hint: one is really, really hard and the other is torture porn Ubisoft unveils its cover athlete forAssassin's Creed 2013! Wait, why are we talking aboutThe Saboteur? Should you buyNinja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plusor feed your money to a pig? Hey look, Columbo is inLEGO City Undercover!Why Cam doesn't likeForrest Gump!Sim Cityon fire! All of this plus a whole lot more in thisedition of the IGN AU Pubcast

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