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The Aussie IGN team break down the biggest gaming news over a few cracked tinnies. Everybody wins.


IGN AU Pubcast Episode 64: PlayStation Phwoar!

February 25th, 2013

Episode 55 of 171 episodes

The future is now! And by "now", we mean last week. And by "the future" we mean the past. The point is that the PlayStation 4 has been revealed. And by "revealed", we mean not actually revealed, just talked about extensively at Sony's recent press conference in New York. The IGN AU Pubcast team were there on the ground. And by "the ground" we mean the livestream on Luke's computer. At any rate, sit back and listen to our expert insight and analysis of Sony's next(er) generation console! And by "expert insight and analysis" we mean the usual bullsh*t. What awaits you in episode 64: The IGN AU drops its usual airs and graces and goes FULL AUSSIE Slambrechts returns! We apologise humbly for previous stating that Aliens: Colonial Marines looked good. That's what happens when PR demos a game on an LCD screen embedded into the side of a briefcase full of cash Dual Shock 4 - we talk about the Share button, and why it makes quite a lot more sense than having a dedicated Cher button Killzone: Shadow Fall - the greatest looking game we'll never play (aside from Slambrechts) DriveClub - like Fight Club, only without Jared Leto getting his face punched in (sadly) Blizzard on console! David Cage's polygon charts! Sony's unwavering WAR ON REALITY! All of this plus a whole lot more in this special PlayStation 4 episode of the IGN AU Pubcast

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