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IGN UK Podcast #235: Games, Goals and Gouging

June 20th, 2014

Episode 56 of 1119 episodes

Happy Friday, friends! Yes, it's that time of week again and we've got a brand new episode of the IGN UK Podcast ready to ease its into your lugholes. Exciting times ahead. This week Luke, Krupa, Alex and Chris discuss a number of things, from how Luke and Krupa coped with their first E3 to how Tilly is preparing for his imminent trip to Brazil to watch England's third match. Given last night's performance he's probably slightly less excited now. We've also got a bumper amount of feedback from you guys, with you telling us your favourite moments from our podcasting history and what you made of E3. It also leads to a revelation from Luke that he only plays Mortal Kombat for the story. This does not go down well. We hope you enjoy it and have fantastic weekends! See you same time, same place, next week.

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