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IGN UK Podcast : IGN UK Podcast #352: The Best and Worst and Weirdest of PSVR

October 7th, 2016

Episode 926 of 1119 episodes

We've gone all-in on PSVR this week. Rory's started questioning the fabric of our universe, Alysia's been forced to curl up under tables out of fright, and Joe is changing his name by deed poll to VictorRéalité, just because he likes the initials (and the idea of being French). As such, it's a bit of a VR special, as we talk through our favourites and least favourites of the PSVR launch line-up, tell anecdotes from other worlds, and end with a good o' fashioned quiz. Prepare to be catapulted out of your own brain into another by sheer power of chat.

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