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Nintendo Voice Chat : Nintendo Voice Chat: Gazing in the Future

May 9th, 2015

Episode 381 of 1119 episodes

Special guest Ryan Payton, a designer at developer Camouflaj, joins host Jose Otero, Brian Altano, Peer Schneider to talk about Xenoblade X, Splatoon’s post-launch plans, and a bunch of news that broke at the Nintendo Investor’s Meeting. After the break, we play a special guessing game regarding Nintendo’s next console. Want to play along? Email us at [email protected] and fill out the following categories (along with a brief description for each category). Hardware Spec: _________________________ Controller: _________________________ Unique Feature #1: _________________________ Unique Feature #2:_________________________ Unique Feature #3:_________________________ Using the Wii U as an example: Hardware Spec: Around 360/PS3 level of power Controller: The console is the controller, bruh! Touch screen, too. Unique Feature #1: Dual screen experiences Unique Feature #2: Miiverse Unique Feature #3: Plays catalog Wii stuff

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