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Clinical trials, Yellow cards, Chemo brain, Conduct Disorder

February 26th, 2013

Episode 155 of 345 episodes

Dr Mark Porter puts the Pharmaceutical Industry in the spotlight as some clinical trials are criticised for testing new drugs against a weaker rival so that the results appear much better than they really are. Kamran Abbasi takes on Dr Bina Rawal from the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry to discuss if the hurdles are being set too low, so that a new therapy comes out on top. And what if sustained periods of adversity in childhood are associated with permanent structural changes in brain development? So suggests new research into adolescents with Conduct Disorder - a controversial diagnosis given to 1 in 20 teenagers in the UK with aggressive or anti-social behaviour. Many of these children will have been exposed to severe abuse, but do these findings have implications for common family discord that lasts months or years? Mark Porter investigates.

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