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InsHealth: Alcohol, Cancer, Hair, Halitosis 29 Jan 13

January 29th, 2013

Episode 148 of 345 episodes

Alcohol – no reduction in deaths from alcohol in England but fewer in Wales. Targeted cancer therapies – thousands of people with cancer are to have their genes mapped as part of a new drive towards treatment tailored to the individual. But what’s in it for the patient? Caffeine – it’s a natural component of coffee, tea, cola and chocolate, but what is it doing in shampoo? If the TV ad promoting caffeine enriched hair products has had you scratching your head, then we have got the answers. And, continuing the personal hygiene theme, are you worried that you have bad breath? We’ll be finding out why it is often imagined, rather than real – and what can be done to help people with halitophobia.

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