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InsHealth: Alcohol, Phages, Swaddling, Smart bed 19 Mar 13

March 19th, 2013

Episode 162 of 345 episodes

Should alcoholic drinks in England and Wales have a minimum price to stem drink related problems? Could harnessing the power of phages – naturally occurring viruses that prey on bacteria – help fight the threat posed by growing resistance to antibiotics? Cervical smears follow up – if women in their late 60s are among those most likely to develop cancer of the cervix, why aren’t they included in the national screening programme? Babies’ hips – concerns that the resurgence of swaddling is leading to hip dysplasia. And the space age hospital bed that can detect everything from infections to some types of cancer. But this one isn’t in the sick bay of the starship Enterprise – it’s in a hospital in Leicester.

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