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MM: IH: Steroids, Strokes, Killing Season and Dupuytren's contracture

August 7th, 2012

Episode 110 of 345 episodes

Dr Mark Porter discovers new approaches to helping people who have strokes in rural areas Apart from a few cases that hit the headlines, the use of anabolic steroids is rare among the athletes in the Olympic village. But the in wider society abuse has exploded, according to an expert from Liverpool John Moores University. Jim McVeigh - who's Deputy Director at the Centre for Public Health - says that anabolic steroid abusers are the largest group using needle exchanges. It's has been dubbed the Killing Season by some sections of the media - but Dr Margaret McCartney believes that August isn't as risky a time to be in hospital as the headlines claim. Inside Health listener and keen pianist Roger emailed the programme about Dupuytren's contracture - where the fingers curve into the hand and can't be straightened. A new treatment is becoming available on the NHS for this common problem which affects 1 in 10 people's hands.

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