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Ovarian cancer, PBC, Treating severe head injury

March 1st, 2016

Episode 307 of 345 episodes

The use of talc and its potential connection with ovarian cancer has hit the headlines after a court ruling in America. Given that nearly half the UK population uses talc to some degree GP Dr Margaret McCartney looks at the evidence and puts any link in perspective. PBC is an often missed condition that causes severe itching and fatigue with the resulting liver damage mistakenly associated with drinking too much. Laura Gilmore lived with the symptoms for many years - scratching herself raw and falling asleep during the day but still not waking refreshed - before getting a diagnosis. Professor James Neuberger explains the science behind PBC. Plus treating severe head injury and why a commonly used intervention used in intensive care units across the country is being questioned. Professor Peter Andrews is the man behind a new trial looking at the evidence for hypothermia, or cooling people with head trauma to prevent damage. The trial was stopped because early evidence suggested harms from this commonly used practice. Dr Mark Porter discusses the implications for critical care medicine across the world with Peter Andrews and Professor John Myburgh who is at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

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