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Pseudomonas, anti-coags, alcohol, pres drugs, high heels

January 31st, 2012

Episode 64 of 345 episodes

On Inside Health this week, the bacteria Pseudomonas that's been responsible for a number of deaths in special care baby units in Northern Ireland. Mark Porter asks Prof Richard James, Director of Healthcare Associated Infection at the University of Nottingham, why the outbreak occurred and how the Department of Health is likely to try to prevent future occurrence.. We look at a new class of drugs that could transform the lives of tens of thousands of people on warfarin. Recently approved by NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, these drugs overcome many of the drawbacks of taking warfarin. Mark Porter explores just who is likely to benefit if the drug gets its final endorsement from NICE next week. Mark also explores which prescription drugs are addictive, and how wearing high heels can damage your calves but might improve your sex life. Presenter: Dr Mark Porter Producer: Beth Eastwood.

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