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Dr Mark Porter demystifies health issues, separating fact from fiction and bringing clarity to conflicting health advice, with the help of regular contributor GP Margaret McCartney


Sickness Absence, Ankle Arthritis, Hot Flushes, Guillain-Barre Syndrome

October 14th, 2014

Episode 251 of 345 episodes

Inside Health examines advice for when parents should and shouldn't send their sick children to school. Is this another example of the nanny state, or a useful guide? Hip replacements and knee replacements are well known treatments but now a new trial is looking into the effectiveness of ankle surgery for arthritis. Margaret McCartney reveals the origin of the word hypochondria. Plus, how effective is HRT for the commonest symptom of the menopause, hot flushes? And Inside Health answers listeners' questions on Guillain-Barré syndrome, what are the causes and treatments.

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