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The top Weigh Loss Podcast on iTunes for almost a decade, Inside Out Weight Loss will guide you to release your desire to overeat and stop the yo-yo diet-regain-diet cycle once and for all. Tune in to let Renee's soothing voice, practical steps and surprising humor ease your journey to slim.


IOWL 286: Weight Loss as You Age, Pt II

March 14th, 2015

Episode 18 of 95 episodes

In this week’s episode, we dig deeper into the causes of gaining weight as we age that have nothing to do with aging itself, and a whole lot to do with changes in behavior and lifestyle. And while aging is inevitable (as long as we are lucky enough to be alive that is), behavior and lifestyle are thoroughly changeable. This week we’ll discuss a dramatic dietary change of the last 150 years that has contributed to our expanding waist lines, and what we can do about it. We’ll also talk about the simple blueprint to make losing weight at any age like rolling down hill.

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