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Listen to the UK’s most popular internet marketing podcast downloaded by over half a million people. A series of insider tips and practical advice on how to get the best from Digital and Search Engine Marketing, brought to you by a team of experts from Site Visibility and other leading digital agencies. We share the latest tools, techniques and strategies to help you generate online leads, sales and build engagement. We interview some of the most respected marketers in the world including bestselling author Seth Godin, productivity guru Tim Ferriss and Google endorsed analytics expert Avinash Kaushik. The show is produced and co-hosted by Andy White


#390 The Latest in Podcasting with Daniel J Lewis

April 20th, 2017

Episode 436 of 448 episodes

In this week's episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Daniel J Lewis, Speaker, Consultant and award winning host of The Audacity to Podcast, to talk, ironically, about Podcasting itself. Over the last couple of years there has been a resurgence in the popularity of podcasts, helped by shows like Serial and My Dad Wrote a Porno alongside more and more celebrities and news/media personalities getting involved and so Daniel is on the show to discuss why this is, what has changed in the world of podcasting and whether or not podcasts are still the power player for building trust and authenticity that they were in the mid 00's. Daniel also goes on to discuss intimacy within podcasting and how that can be really important and powerful in terms of influence. He explains that portable devices have helped people to consume podcasts in more intimate environments, such as in the car, whilst doing housework, whilst working, or even whilst on the toilet! Daniel believes the fact that we can take them anywhere with us, and often are listening to one person, helps create intimacy. Daniel also discusses the major technical and platform developments in recent years, including native apps on smart phones and finally, he provides his top tip/key takeaway for our audience.

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