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What drives and motivates photographers to do the work they do? I think that our unifying motivation is curiosity – an unrelenting, never-ending curiosity – an “itch” to know more about something and to learn about that thing through photographing it. I was prompted to think about how we should cultivate the itch – our … Continue reading Camera...

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Do you take time to be creative each day? The creative act is worth taking the time for. It’s worth making the time for. It’s what holds us up and keeps us going. Thousands upon thousands of creative people are forced to make the time to create. It’s worth it because of what we give … Continue reading Camera Position 188 : You Are Worth The Time...

If you see a picture that you think you may have photographed before, take it. Both the subject and the photographer may have changed since the last time you photographed it. Regardless of the reason, you should always make the photograph. Play Podcast: Links for this Episode: University of Georgia Studies Abroad Program in Cortona, … Continue...

Among the many things that make photography such an interesting pursuit are its qualities of objectivity combined with subjectivity. In the end, photography is an objective medium with a subjective soul. Play Podcast: Sign up for the Workshops Mailing List – Planning is underway for the 2017 Italy Photography Workshops. Each one of these …...