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Camera Position 170 : Camera Position Turns 10

February 2nd, 2016

Episode 192 of 218 episodes

Camera Position is ten years old! The first episode of Camera Position was published February 5, 2006 and it's been a wonderful decade of learning about photography, my listeners and myself. A huge thank you to all of you listeners out there! I really appreciate your support and your participation in the Camera Position community. Play Podcast: Here are some of the more popular podcast episodes over the last 10 years. Camera Position Episode 89 - Camera Position & Camera Distance - examined work by some great photographers to look at proximity and relationship. Episodes 87 & 88 : Desert Island Photographs - Part 1 and Part 2 - where listeners picked their one “desert island photograph.” Episode 60 - Back to Basics - Composition an overview of essential visual image composition principles. Episodes 69 and 70 on Gestalt Theory and Composition which explored the concepts of gestalt and visual communication. For those interested, I’ve also produced a free e-book, Resonating Images: Communicating Messages Visually Episode 154 Feedback Part 1 - and Episode 155 Feedback Part 2 - looked at how to - and how not to - critique photographs, and included the printable infographic that detailed how to do effective image critique. Camera Position on Facebook - Share your images Camera Position on Flickr - Share your images Jeff's Photograph Italy Workshops - A few spots remain for Puglia and Rome

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