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Discover the bread and drink that can make all the difference to experiencing God’s healing and divine health in your body today! In this life-giving message, Joseph Prince explains scripturally what the Lord’s Supper is about and how it is God’s key to becoming stronger and healthier in a time of escalating sickness and disease. Get an accurate...

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Learn what it truly means to prosper and bring delight to God’s heart! Joseph Prince shows you from the Bible how true prosperity and being blessed in all things begin and end with seeing and knowing Jesus. When you look to and trust in Him, that’s the best soul prosperity you can have. Discover also how as you prosper inwardly and put Jesus’...

Every promise of God is yours! There isn’t a life-giving promise you can’t say “Yes” and “Amen” to! In this revelatory message, Joseph Prince shows you why God isn’t a fickle sometimes-yes-sometimes-no God, but a God who wants to bless you with every single blessing because of the finished work of Christ. Whether it’s health, provision, or...

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#457 - Salvation Is Here

December 23rd, 2016

The greatest gift one can receive is the Father’s gift of Jesus, whose name means salvation. Do you need a Savior today? Someone who will save you from all your troubles, love you into wholeness, and give you everlasting life? Then join Joseph Prince in this Christmas message as he unveils God’s amazing love and awesome plan for the salvation of...