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Joseph Prince Audio Podcast


It all begins in your mind. Sounds familiar? You will be surprised to know that this concept is wholly biblical. In this eye-opening message, Joseph Prince explains that your mind is an important battlefield, and that your thoughts and the pictures you see in your mind often end up manifesting on the outside. So don't accept the negative...

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Get an insight into the ark of the covenant and find truths that will bring you victory over your challenges! In this powerful message, Joseph Prince explains how seeing Jesus and His finished work typified in the ark brings a fresh flood of God’s grace into every struggle with adversity and defeat. Follow the exciting story of the ark in the...

Sarah was the only woman in the Bible who had her youth renewed - literally - in her old age, such that two kings wanted her for their harems! She even conceived and bore the son that God had promised her and Abraham so many years ago. Do you know that today God calls believing women 'daughters of Sarah'? Listen to this powerful message and find...

Unleash the sound of victory and see the walls in your life crumble! Hear this powerful sermon by Joseph Prince and discover, from the Israelites’ miraculous conquest of Jericho, how you can “sound the ram’s horn” today in your areas of defeat and possess your victory. Learn why constantly hearing preaching on Jesus’ finished work—the Ram who...