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Joseph Prince Audio Podcast


It's not your obedience to the old covenant law that earns you God's blessings, but what you believe! In this faith-inspiring message by Joseph Prince, learn why the Abrahamic blessings of health and provision come upon those who live by faith. Understand in practical terms how you can receive God's blessings from day to day, from the moment you...

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Whatever your need today, expect God to more than meet it! In this uplifting message by Joseph Prince, see from the parables of the good shepherd and the prodigal son how God doesn’t just give you the bare minimum, but provides exceedingly above all you can ask or imagine. Lost your way and need God to rescue you? He’ll do it with joy! Worried...

Concerned about curses possibly operating in your life? Then this enlightening message will surely set you free! Get your faith pumped up as Joseph Prince shares from the story of Balaam, powerful and liberating truths on how God has so blessed you. Be amazed at how He delights in blessing you and how irreversibly blessed you are. Also, fear no...

Live fearlessly in dangerous times! See yourself seated with Christ, positioned under His protection, in this vital message by Joseph Prince. When you know your blessed position in Christ and believe His promises of protection for you, you’ll not be fearful, insecure, or feel vulnerable despite the dangers in this world. Learn also how you can...