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Joseph Prince Video Podcast


Want to be like David, a man after God's own heart? Joseph Prince shows you how in this inspiring message on making Jesus central in your life. You'll discover how a life of unfulfilled expectations and disappointments can be transformed into a most fulfilling one when you make the Lord's vision, purposes and goals your own. Like David, you can...

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Get an assurance of your salvation and eternal destiny in Christ! In this revelatory Bible study message, Joseph Prince takes an in-depth look at the seven churches in the book of Revelation and the personalized messages given to each church by the Lord. Find out who the “angels” of the churches really are and how one qualifies to be a “him who...

Get the best coverage for your family today—learn how the blood of Jesus protects! In this powerful and practical message, Joseph Prince explains the significance of Jesus’ blood and why it protects us like nothing else can today. Listen to a true-life story of how a young, local schoolgirl was saved from the clutches of a serial killer because...

There’s power to deliver in the Lord’s Supper! In part two of this teaching on the Communion meal, Joseph Prince shows you how partaking of the Communion is both a celebration of your forgiveness and healing in Christ, as well as a means of practically partaking of the Lord’s healing, health, strength, and wholeness. See also from the Scriptures...