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Joseph Prince Video Podcast


Unleash the sound of victory and see the walls in your life crumble! Hear this powerful sermon by Joseph Prince and discover, from the Israelites’ miraculous conquest of Jericho, how you can “sound the ram’s horn” today in your areas of defeat and possess your victory. Learn why constantly hearing preaching on Jesus’ finished work—the Ram who...

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The Bible says that when Moses died at the age of 120, it wasn't because of sickness and disease! His body was still strong and his eyesight keen. Get this message and listen in wonder as Joseph Prince uncovers amazing truths about the glories of Jesus concealed in the original Hebrew and Greek languages from Genesis to Revelation - all in one...

Live with greater confidence, knowing you have a God who goes before you, and even has your back covered! In this encouraging message for our perilous times, Joseph Prince shows you how the Lord protected His people by always being the first in and last out. See a powerful yet most-caring God who goes ahead of you to lead the way and clear the...

Is there hope and refuge for you and your loved ones during perilous times? Discover why for believers in Christ, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Through a riveting study of the ark of the covenant, Joseph Prince unveils how Christ, our true mercy seat, has given us perfect standing before God and qualified us to take refuge and find safety...