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Josh Thomas and Tom Ward

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Josh Thomas is a comedian, writer and very generous lover. He has totally been on TV and shit. Tom Ward is his best friend. He's also a comedian but Josh is mostly just interested in his computer skills.

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Grandma Mona gets annoyed about the station, the timeslot and worried about the content. Then gets really excited about me appearing on 'The Living Room.'Filmed on my phone by my mum, edited by my boyfriend. Hair and make-up by nobody, I look like a newborn seal.Grandma wanted me to let you know I gave her no warning about filming so she is just...

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Shaun Micallef and I doing marketing for 'Please like me' and 'Mad As Hell!'This will probably go viral. Like a Kardashian. (Boom).

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Episode 2

October 11th, 2012

Tom gives Josh a haircut.

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Episode 1

September 27th, 2012

Josh steals shallots. Tom lives with Josh now. Josh has boyfriend. Musical Shakespeare/Hitler. Josh's pubes. Tom's penis photos.