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JV587 (Indigent and Savory)

March 7th, 2011

INDIGENT (adjective) extremely poor, Experiencing want or need; impoverished, lacking the necessities of life, e.g. food, clothing, and shelter Synonyms: destitute, impoverished, needy Antonyms: affluent, wealthy Tips: Indigent is derived from the Latin indigere, literally meaning “to lack in,” which comes from egere, “to need.” Indigent is used...

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REPERTOIRE (noun) The stock promo of songs, plays, operas, readings, or other pieces that a player or company is prepared to perform.The class of compositions in a genre: has excellent command of the chanteuse repertoire. The range or number of skills, aptitudes, or special accomplishments of a particular person or group:a collection of works of...

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JV585 (Pungent and Stolid)

January 12th, 2011

PUNGENT (adjective) 1. strong and sharp in taste or smell; 2. strong and biting in expression 2. Affecting the organs of taste or smell with a sharp acrid sensation. a. Penetrating, biting, or caustic: pungent satire. b. To the point; sharp: pungent talks during which the major issues were confronted. Synonyms: bitter, tangy, tart, biting, [...]...

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JV584 (Preclude and Spendthrift)

December 24th, 2010

PRECLUDE (verb) 1. To make impossible, as by action taken in advance; prevent. 2. To exclude or prevent (someone) from a given condition or activity: to prevent something from happening, especially by action Synonyms: inhibit, cease, discontinue, restrain, impede, interrupt, prevent, Antonyms: allow, permit Examples: - Hank’s warning will not...