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Apps, Websites, Fun! 187 - I wish I were an Oscar Mayer alarm clock

March 14th, 2014

Episode 28 of 57 episodes

Oscar Mayer bacon alarm clock,iPhone Air,iPhone 6,iOS 8,Starbucks,tipping added to app, Hannah's resistant to larger iPhones, and a whole lot more. NOT broadcasting from the nations capital, it’s Kid Friday - show 187. You’re a Kid In A Digital World. WRITE TO US BY CLICKING HERE. Thanks for making Kid Friday the number one technology show for kids. We talk technology but always end up somewhere else. Kid Friday is hosted by 13 year-old Zoe, 15 year-old Hannah, Dave, and at times, Winston from PoochCam.com Subscribe. iTunes:Subscribe on iTunes YouTube:Subscribe on YouTube Kid Friday Is Brought to you by:StoryCub – It’s Storytime, Anytime. Copyright 2014 KidFriday.com. For personal use only. Any encoding, rebroadcast, retransmission, reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited and protected by U.S. and international laws.

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