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Episode 11: Live Within Questions with Hannah Hart

July 9th, 2014

Episode 12 of 26 episodes

In this episode the Kingsley and Ale are joined by Hannah Hart! They discuss Hannah's past life as a translator, her upcoming book, the future of Camp Takota, crushes on fictional characters, new Beyoncé & Jay-Z Drama, Azalea Banks' empty concert, Columbus Short from Scandal is arrested for public intoxication, the potato salad kickstarter, a woman who refused to give breath sample after accident because she's 'too busy drinking', a man too attached to his favorite soccer goalie, and a woman charged for attacking a man after he turned down her sexual advances. This episode is sponsored by Drinkwel. Drinkwel is world's first multivitamin for people who want to be healthy but still drink alcohol. Go to www.drinkwel.com and use the offer code King for 15% off! For more Hannah Hart check out her channel at www.youtube.com/harto and her book at www.hannahhart.com/book For links to all the articles mentioned in this podcast: http://www.the-overexposed.com/episodes/2014/7/9/episode-11-with-hannah-hart

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