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In #deceased, Kingsley and his co-host, Miles Jai, are joined by celebrity friends to discuss pop culture, celebrity news and give brutally honest takes on the world around them.


Episode 12: We Love New York!

July 16th, 2014

Episode 13 of 26 episodes

In this episode the Kingsley and Ale are joined by the legendary, Tiffany Pollard AKA New York! They discuss how Tiffany got her start on Flavor of Love, her acting experiences, how she has coped with fame, her upcoming projects, Tiffany's ultimate career goal, a couple whose cat trapped them in their bedroom, the confused face meme girl suing Instagram for $500 million, Pornhub's response to Germany beating Brazil 7-1, and a girl who accidentally texted her dad nudes. This episode is sponsored by Audible.Audible is the world’s leading provider of audiobooks, with over 150,000 titles to choose from. That includes many of Kingsley's favorites such as Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort. You can download it for free and get a 30 day trial by going to audiblepodcast.com/kingsley. For links to all the articles mentioned in this podcast: http://www.the-overexposed.com/episodes/2014/7/15/episode-12-we-love-new-york

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