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Episode 9: Blessed are the Meeks with Kid Fury

June 25th, 2014

Episode 10 of 26 episodes

In this episode Kingsley and Ale are joined by Kid Fury. They discuss King's star studded weekend, Ale's scandalous new piercing, Kid Fury's podcast triumphs, their love/hate of pop culture, success, the inception of The Read, they announce the winner of the Squarespace Games, Chelsea Handler's new Netflix show, the Situation's new Tanning Salon arrest, Jelena getting back together, Lady Gaga's leaked music video featuring Terry Richardson, the mugshot which turned everyone on the internet into thots, a man who harassed a couple because he thought they were driving a spaceship, the drunk snow cone stand break in, a man who fired on police officers with a gun in his butt, and the student who was stuck in a vagina sculpture. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace. Go to squarespace.com/kingsley for a free trial and 10% off! For links to all the articles, videos and sites mentioned in this episode check out the episode page on our website: http://www.the-overexposed.com/episodes/2014/6/24/episode-9-guilty-of-settingthirst-traps-with-kid-fury

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