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Go behind the scenes of one of the generation-defining indie record labels in this tell-all podcast. Matt Carter and Toby Morrell of Emery, along with help from Aaron Lunsford from As Cities Burn take on the task of setting the record straight through story telling and reporting on what really happens behind the scenes in the music industry. Exclusive interviews with bands, managers, touring crew, producers, record label employees, and the man who started it all - President and Founder of Tooth and Nail Records, Brandon Ebel. Subscribe to “Labeled: The Stories, Rumors, and Legends of Tooth and Nail Records” today.


In this episode we dive deep into the mind and life of a man that was instrumental in the success of Tooth and Nail Records in the 2000’s: Chad Johnson. Chad was responsible for discovering bands such as Underoath, mewithoutYou, As Cities Burn, TwoThirtyEight, and more. We learn about about his influence, his personality, his passion for music...

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Further Seems Forever was one of the most influential bands in Tooth and Nail history, but they couldn’t keep a singer. Why did Chris Carrabba leave to start Dashboard Confessional? Are the rumors surrounding Jason Gleason’s departure true? What was the source of the internal problems that kept the band's career from truly soaring? Matt, Toby,...

This season we will be covering an era of Tooth and Nail Records history that many have referred to as “The Golden Era”. Unprecedented growth and commercial success led to a decade worth of groundbreaking artists and label popularity. From the rise of Further Seems Forever to demise of Underoath, we cover it all. Links and Sponsors:...