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Afghanistan's war through Afghan eyes; Simon Winchester and the modern Pacific

November 19th, 2014

Episode 85 of 662 episodes

Anand Gopal argues that the intervention in Afghanistan need not have lasted as long as it has, 12 years later and $1US trillion spent. Mr Gopal found that many mistakes made by the Americans were driven by false intelligence from their allies and an "unyielding mandate to fight terrorism". As a result, rampant corruption, bribery, and murders were carried out with impunity by local police and authorities. When US forces continued to press the conflict they also resurrected the insurgency which persists to this day. As a foreigner, much of Afghanistan was off limits to Anand Gopal, so he grew a beard, purchased a motor bike and learned the local languages. Over a period of four years he met and interviewed thousands of participants and victims of this war who challenged his preconceived notions about the war and the categories the West has used to fight it.

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