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Bruce Shapiro; Putin and China; Refugee Musicians in Australia

August 23rd, 2016

Episode 470 of 662 episodes

Bruce Shapiro reports on the latest political news from the USA. What does Russia's 'turn to East' mean for Australia? President Putin And Chinese Premier Xi have had both been working hard to increase ties between their two countries, with everything from gas deal and joint military exercises to the re-building of the Silk Road. So what do these deepening ties between two major powers mean for Australia? Of the 9,000 German and Austrian Jewish refugees who made the journey to Australia, at least 100 were talented musicians, most of whom were unable to follow their passion in their new home country. There are standouts such as the renowned composer George Dreyfus, but mostly they remain unknown. They include soloists, orchestral players, composers, singers and conductors, frustrated by failed attempts to be accepted.

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